Monday, March 28, 2016

Flash Cards. How many?

These are all the flash cards I made and used to study for 1 class last semester.  Yes, this is all for just 1 class.  Just how many cards are in this photo?  Well, I actually tried to count them and after I counted to 500, I quit!  So over 500 flash cards for 1 class.  This is the real deal…….

Books, Books, Books!!!!

Books, Books, Books!!!!!!!!!!  So many books for the next semester!  I'm taking 3 classes and just ordered 7 books!  I've never ordered that many books from Amazon before.  lol.  I am one of those people that forgets to order their textbooks until a few days before class.  I'm trying to be as prepared as possible for this semester.  That means being completely organized and having all the supplies I need.  Tomorrow I will be writing down my class schedule in my planner with different colored pens.  Again, I'm really trying to be organized!

Saturday, March 26, 2016

Hello again!

So I haven't blogged in FOREVER!!!!!!!!  I'm sorry about that, but this past semester was super crazy! So much studying, and so little free time for blogging!  Good news though, I passed all my classes and next semester I am officially in NURSING!!!!!!!!!  I've worked so hard for this for so long, and I'm finally getting closer to my lifelong goal of becoming a Registered Nurse!

So what am I doing now in my free time?  I'm cleaning out my school bag and getting organized for the next semester!  What else would I be doing?  LOL!  I'll be back this week to blog some more!

Friday, February 12, 2016

I am OBSESSED!!!!!!

I have discovered a social media/website where you can sell your unwanted clothing, shoes, accessories, etc and get money!!!!  I am totally OBSESSED with this thing called Poshmark!  Totally easy and fun!!!!!!!!  Poshmark is an app that you download on your phone, snap a few pictures of whatever you want to sell, and post!  It's that simple!  I have been on Posh for a little less than 1 month and have sold 26 items!!!!!!!  Some days I have sold multiple items!  CRAZY!!!!!  You can also have your earnings sent to you in check form or have the money direct deposited into your bank account!  It's so awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

OMG…..this smester!

This semester is absolutely crazy!!!!!!  Too much to do and such a wacky schedule.  Anyway, I wanted to let people know that this is the reason why I haven't been posting lately.  If I have any real followers out there, I'm sorry.

Saturday, January 9, 2016

These Shoes…….

These Shoes……..Do I need to say more?

I absolutely love these shoes, but they do not fit my feet properly.  :-(   I have yet to find myself the perfect black heel.  Ugh….the struggle is real.  

Friday, January 8, 2016

Happy 2016

Ok, so it's a new year!!!!!  Happy 2016 everybody!  Some people make resolutions.  Since I know I'll be busy in school for the next few years, I have not made any resolutions.  However, I did clean out my entire room and completely reorganize everything!!!!  I got rid of so much stuff.  OMG!  It was actually embarrassing!  It took about a week and I ended up with 3 trash bags full, 1 bag of old paperwork/mail to be shredded and 5 bags of stuff to donate!  Good grief!  I can't believe all that stuff was just taking up valuable space in my room!  Anyway, I even added a ton of stuff to my tradesy closet.  Feels like I just knocked out a New Year's resolution within the first few weeks of January.  Being so clean and organized is absolutely amazing!  Love it so far!  2016 has started off pretty good.  :-)

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